A stack of my business cards.  Following - the creative process.
 Partially arranged type - Rockwell Medium 12pt - awaiting to be set.
 Handling the type with tweezers aids precision.
 After setting the type, leading, and kerning, the quoins are tightened with an allen key.
 Close-up of the type set in an Adana 8x5 frame.  
 Cutting carefully selected sheets of 350 gsm, champagne coloured paper to business card size.
 Pantone black oil based ink, ready to be applied onto the plate of an Adana 8x5 with a palette knife.
 Plate inked up, frame in place, the printing process begins!
 Many test prints are necessary to achieve perfect ink distribution through tightening and slackening of the positioning screws.
 A fresh batch of cards, resting on the drying rack.
 Finished product.
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